Mile High Green Cross is an award-winning marijuana dispensary in the heart of Denver.  We are no longer medical as we’ve changed ownership. We are one of the first top shelf dispensaries to service Denver since 2009! Our natural dispensary offers a large selection of natural soil based cannabis, marijuana-infused products, as well as accessories to suit your everyday needs. Our seed to sale growth production allows us to offer our customers the highest level of cannabis, at a competitive price.  With our new management, exciting things are on the way.  Stop by today!

Mile High Green Cross interiorAlong with our premium natural weed, the products we process from our own flower and trim are top notch.   This includes the purest forms of wax, shatter, vape oil, and edibles that you can find in the city of Denver! V3oil cartridges and batteries are always stocked, a great value and quality to boot.  We work with several different companies to offer an assortment of products at different price points to suit our customer needs, all the while knowing, the quality remains pure and clean. Right from our marijuana store in Denver, into your hands, your experience here will be memorable.

Additionally, we have discounted days for a variety of edibles and concentrates. Also, in honor of our veterans, we offer an everyday discount for those that dedicated themselves to us.

If you are asking yourself, which weed dispensary in Denver shall I visit?  Has some of the best weed in town? Has a dispensary staff that will attend to your every question? Which pot store in Denver will provide the education I may need for my well-being?

Come see what the hype is about. Come experience our experience. We guarantee a memorable one.